Greataxe of the Gnoll Rager

Powerful unique item granting the user the abilities and form of a large Gnoll Barbarian.

weapon (melee)

Martial Two-Handed Melee Weapon
Critical: ×3
Range Increment: —
Type: Slashing
Activation: Swift

When wielded, the Greataxe of the Gnoll Rager functions like a normal Masterwork Greataxe. However, if the wielder speaks the Gnoll word for “rage” (r’yeh), he is transformed into a Large Gnoll, and all of his current class levels are replaced by those of a Barbarian. His height becomes 15 feet, his weight becomes 2,400 lbs., and his reach becomes 10 feet. Any equipment that would no longer fit is melded into this new form, and is not retrievable or usable until it the original form is returned. The weapon is deactivated when the command word is spoken again, or when the item leaves the wielder’s hands. Multiple activations/deactivations do no reset the amount of times per day the Barbarian may rage. Your hit points remain the same as your previous form, except for the bonuses to constitution, and a +20 if your hit die is below a d10.

The net results of the race, size, and class changes are as follows:

  • Strength +6, Dex -2, Constitution +2, Intelligence –2, Charisma –2
  • -1 Penalty on Attack Rolls(size).
  • Land speed 40 feet
  • Darkvision 60 feet



Greataxe of the Gnoll Rager

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