The Illurien

A powerful telepathic monster, spawned from intense magical energies.


A tall figure seemingly shaped from water, the Illurien stands at nine feet tall. She lacks a mouth or nose but her eyes shift and turn all the varied colors of the ocean, depending on her mood in a given situation. Her hair is long and falls down below her waist. The strands all seem to exhibit their own current, flowing to and away from her head, and are often ‘braided’ with like streams.

Little is known about the creature called The Illurien. Gorin experienced first-hand her former appearence— that of a wizard woman with fiery red hair. Gorin shared with The Aequora Three a vision of their meeting, wherein she attacked him and his teammates as they investigated the cave of the Aruspex Gem. Gorin sacrificed himself to tackle her into a vortex of magical energies, and while he reappeared on the surface a short time later, her presence was not detected until hundreds of years later when she attacked members of his order.

She was sealed in the caves for millennia, content with feeding off the power of the gem. She used it to mentally escape her confines until one day when the Aequora Three were tasked with retrieving it. Overcome by the prospect of fresh minds to feed from, she attacked the Three, though was felled by a mighty blow of Vimik’s hammer.

Though she appeared vaporized by the assault, Gorin seemed convinced that she was regenerating her form elsewhere.

The Illurien

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