Ku'Elsif Hakenden

Shadowy, sandy sorcerer. Incredibly charming, despite his persistent sourness.


Ku’Elsif Hakenden

Male, Age 65
Magic-Blooded Stonehunter Gnome
Sorcerer 4/Sandshaper 1/Shadowcrafter 2/Shadowcraft Mage 5 (12)
Neutral Good
3’5" 44 lbs.

STR: 8 (-1)
DEX: 18 (4)
CON: 22 (
INT: 14 (2)
WIS: 11 (0)
CHA: 28 (

BAB: +5
HP: 106 (plus 11-20 w/Extended False Life)
Speed: 30 ft. (with active collar)
Init: +4
Grapple: +0
AC: 23 = 10 + 6 Armor (Extended Greater Mage Armor) + 4 DEX + 1 Size +2 Deflection
Touch AC: 17 Flatfooted AC: 19

Fort: 10 (2 Extended Create Magic Tattoo)
Ref: 8 (2 Extended Create Magic Tattoo)
Will: 15 (2 Extended Create Magic Tattoo)


Dagger +8 (Extended Create Magic Tattoo), 1d3-1 (19-20×2)
Spells +13 ranged touch attack (Extended Create Magic Tattoo)

Racial Traits/Class Features

Magic Blooded

  • +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom
  • +2 Knowledge (arcana)
  • +2 Spellcraft
  • Spell-like abilities
    -Nystal’s Magic Aura (1/day)
    -Detect Magic (1/day)
    -Read Magic (1/day)

Stonehunter Gnome

  • +2 Constitution, -2 Strength
  • Dragonblood subtype
  • Low-light Vision
  • Weapon Familiarity: Gnome Hooked-hammer
  • +1 racial attack against Kobolds and Goblins
  • +4 dodge AC against Giants
  • +2 racial to Climb checks
  • +2 racial to Survival checks
  • +2 Listen checks
  • +2 Craft (alchemy) checks
  • Spell-like abilities
    Speak w/Animals (burrowing only)(1/day)
    Dancing Lights (1/day)
    Ghost Sound (1/day)
    Prestidigitation (1/day)


  • Summon Familiar (See Dimmil)


  • Dust Magic
  • Desert Insight
  • Sand Shape


  • +2 unnamed to Hide checks
  • +2 unnamed to Disguise checks
  • Enhanced Shadow Conjurations +10%

Shadowcraft Mage

  • Cloak of Shadows 40%
  • Silent Illusion
  • Shadow Illusion
  • Extended Illusion
  • Powerful Shadow Magic

Dark Creature

  • +10 feet to all movement
  • Darkvision to 60ft.
  • Hide in Plain Sight
  • 10 resistance to cold
  • Superior Low-light vision
  • +8 to Hide
  • +6 to Move Silent
  • Environment changes to Plane of Shadows

Spell Focus (Illusion)
Greater Spell Focus (Illusion)
Easy Matamagic (Heighten Spell)
Heighten Spell
Alertness (Familiar)
Lucky Start (1/day) (Thieves Court)
Enspell Familiar
Accelerated Metamagic (Heighten Spell)

Skill Tricks
Collector of Stories
Swift Concentration

Light Blindness (Blind from abrupt exposure to bright light for 1 round, dazzled after that)



Level 0
No Light
Mage Hand
Detect Magic
Ghost Sound
Read Magic

Level 1
Treacherous Weapon
Color Spray
Silent Image
Spell Flower
Enlarge Person
Net of Shadows
True Strike
Protection From Evil
Benign Transposition
Feather Fall

Level 2
Wings of Cover
Shadow Spray
Quick Potion
False Life
Ray of Stupidity
Greater Slide
Chain of Eyes
Spectral Hand
Detect Thoughts
Mirror Image

Level 3
Alter Fortune
Battlemagic Perception
Dispel Magic
Vampiric Touch
Shivering Touch
Greater Magic Weapon
Shrink Item
Tormenting Thirst
False Gravity
Heart of Water

Level 4
Assay Spell Resistance
Dimension Door
Stone Shape
Ruin Delver’s Fortune

Level 5
Greater Blink
Draconic Polymorph
Flesh to Salt
Arcane Fusion
X-Ray Vision
Transmute Stone to Sand


Heward’s Handy Haversack (Back)
Dagger (Waist/Belt)
Spell Pouch (Waist/Belt)
Cloak of Charisma +6 (Shoulders)
Gloves of Dex +4 (Hands)
Amulet of Health +6 (Neck)
15lbs. of sand (Haversack & Pouch)
4x Metamagic Rod of Extend, Lesser (Haversack)
Ring of Protection +2 (Finger)
Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis (Arm)
Hat of Disguise (Haversack)
Book of Stories (Haversack)
Healing Belt (Waist)
2x Safewing Emblem
Boots of Elvenkind (Feet)
Shen’s Pearl (Haversack)
Stones shrunken with Shrink Item

  • 3x 16ft^3 stones (300lbs.)
  • 2x 10ft^3 stones (200lbs.)

Scrolls (Haversack)

  • 1st Lvl
  • 3x Alarm
  • 2x Comprehend Languages
  • 3x Hypnotism
  • 2x Protection from Evil
  • 2nd Lvl
  • Command Undead
  • Darkvision
  • 2x Silence
  • 2x Rope Trick
  • 3rd Lvl
  • 4x Hold Person
  • 2x Greater Invisibility
  • 5th Lvl
  • Teleport
  • 4x Summon Monster IV


  • Everlasting Wand of Create Food and Water


  • 2x Cure Moderate Wounds
  • 3x Cure Serious Wounds
  • 2x Neutralize Poison
  • Remove Blindness/Deafness
  • Remove Curse
  • Remove Disease

There isn’t much to say about Ku’Elsif Hakenden’s early beginnings, for he really doesn’t mention it much. While it’s safe to assume Ku’Elsif wasn’t always an impatient, short-tempered adventurer with arcane muscle to flex, to also assume a childhood of intrigue and mystery would be a hasty assumption, indeed. Perhaps, as he himself as said, there are just far more interesting things to talk about.

And Ku’Elsif is certainly an interesting person with interesting things to talk about. Though he wasn’t particularly special in any specific regard in his youth, he had a way of captivating those around him with a charm that was otherworldly. Growing up, it was hard to wander far without someone in the streets calling his name or greeting him as they passed. He was popular, handsome, charming, and as anyone with such a list of qualities is sure to be bound, reckless. He had a joy for causing mischief, and did so most frequently with his dearest and unlikely friend Aelith. The commanding silence to Ku’Elsif’s boisterous nature, Aelith hung constantly to Ku’Elsif’s side, going so far as to leave behind the used-up town of their childhood and move to Aequora.

But here, for the first time in Ku’Elsif’s life, he became the tag-along to Aeltih, joining his friend as they scrapped by the best they knew how: as con-artists; as thugs; as thieves.

It wasn’t long before the two piqued the interest of the crime organization known as The Syndicate, stationed in Aequora. They soon were greeted by one of its agents. His friend, Ku’Elsif was told, had quite the knack for thievery. As for Ku’Elsif, he “might be a valuable asset to our ‘business’ program.” Permanent employment under a powerful guild? The two were eager to sign up. There was a catch, though. Especially in this line of work, there’s always a catch. Before proper terms of employment could be discussed, they were asked to perform a task on behalf of the organization. “A test, if you will:” Retrieve an important artifact from a problematic wizard in the area. “Jack,” was his name.

To the wizard’s lab, the two went. From the wizard’s lab, one returned. Cautious as the duo was, their petty crimes of the past did not prepare them against their new foe. Amongst the chaos of the botched heist, a portal ripped open inside the lab, and Ku’Elsif disappeared into it’s maw. He found himself in a shadowy realm, like a mirror of his own world. There was an evil here, though; the darkness thick and terrible. And in that strange place, Ku’Elsif encountered yet another first of his life: He was all alone.

For several months Ku’Elsif fought for his survival amongst the horrors of the shadowy realm. He learned to sleep with one eye open. He learned to run. He learned well of death. And he learned that something about him was different. Something… strange. He felt it under his skin. It prickled and crawled, coursing through his veins. What is this, he thought?

The day he found out was almost his last. Hearing a crash and snap of branches in the treacherous forest he called home, Ku’Elsif hid himself amongst the undergrowth. With blood pounding furiously in his ears, he waited tensely for the danger to pass. Instead, it found him. Ku’Elsif was tackled to the ground from behind. Quickly, the gnome rolled over to come face-to-face with a tiny, terrified dragon with a sparkling silver necklace hanging from its mouth. Its eyes darted to and fro, scanning the nearby trees. This couldn’t have been the creature causing so much noise, Ku’Elsif thought. Could it? No, it wasn’t. That creature happened to be an enormous, dark-purple dragon which erupted from woods a moment later. The two let out a shrill screech as the dragon descended on them. Ku’Elsif threw his arms in front of himself and closed his eyes, waiting to be split in half by dozens of saber-sized teeth. He felt its hot breath, and clenched his muscles as a futile attempt to stifle the coming pain. Something felt like it punched him in the stomach, and he let out a silent gasp. It was not a feeling he was expecting, but he still felt the the heat of the dragon’s breath on him, so he dared not open his eyes. Seconds ticked away, and Ku’Elsif was beginning to wish the dragon would just end it. What was taking so long? Why was its breath so hot? And dry? And… sandy? Ku’Elsif, with eyes still squeezed tightly shut, tried to remember the last time he had felt that odd, punched-in-the-stomach feeling. Wasn’t it in that wizard’s…? He opened his eyes to something he hadn’t seen in months: the Sun. He was in a desert. He spun around to see a shrinking sliver that split the air in front of him. Through its fading window was the shadowy realm, the dark forest, and the muffled roars of an angry dragon. Free. He was finally free, but something was different. He was different.

Magic: Ku’Elsif knew that’s what it was. He knew it was he who had opened that portal. He knew now that this was the uneasy, uncomfortable feeling he had been harboring for the last few months. It was simply waiting to surface. The power of shadows now moved through him, derived from the evils of the plane or from the accident in the wizard’s lab he couldn’t be sure. He stared at his hands, slowly clenching and unclenching his fists. That’s when he felt something land on his boot. He looked down to see the tiny dragon, nudging the rest of the silver necklace onto his laces. It looked up at him, blinking a couple of times before whispering quietly, “Thank you.” Ku’Elsif bent down to pick up the necklace, and rising without a word, set off towards the horizon, the dragon perched upon his shoulder.

Slowly over the weeks, his fight for survival became a fight for power. With every victory in the wasteland, new weapons showed themselves to him. He became able to manipulate the shadows of the world with a thought. His power grew, and he travelled onwards, knowing home was just beyond every hill. Soon enough, he took his first steps back onto the streets of Aequora, making his way to his favorite bar where he was sure he’d meet an old friend.

Ku'Elsif Hakenden

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