Aelith Shorel

Incredibly talented Whisper Gnome thief, bored with the run-of-the-mill challenges common to burglary.


Aelith Shorel, Male, Age 65
Whisper Gnome Rogue/10 Fighter/2
Neutral Good
4’0’’, 35 lbs.

STR: 13 (+1)
DEX: 25 (
CON: 18 (
INT: 16 (
WIS: 10 (
CHA: 12 (

BAB: +9/+4
HP: 101
Speed: 30 ft.
Initiave: +7
Grapple: 3
AC: 25 = 10 + 5 Armor + 6 Dex + 1 Size + 1 Natural + 2 Deflection
Touch AC: 19 Flat-footed AC: 25(Uncanny Dodge)
Armor Worn: +1 Mithral Chain Shirt

Fort: 14 = 5 Base + 4 Ability + 5 Magic
Ref: 19 = 7 Base + 7 Ability + 5 Magic
Will: 8 = 3 Base + 5 Magic

Corrosive Rapier & Wristblade +14/+14/+9/+9 1d4+1 + 1d6 Acid (18-20 x2), 1d3+1(18-20 x2)
Sap +
16/+11 1d4+1 (x2) (Non-lethal)
Splitting Corrosive Hand Crossbow +17/
+17/+12/+12 1d3+3 + 1d6 Acid (19-20 x2)

Racial Traits/Class Features
Sneak Attack +5d6
Trap Sense +3
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Crippling Strike

Whisper Gnome:
Low-light Vision
Darkvision 60ft.
Spell Like Abilities 1/day:

  • Silence
  • Ghost Sound
  • Mage Hand
  • Message

Two-Weapon Fighting(Improved with Gloves of Balanced Hand)
Weapon Finesse
Swift Tumbler
Lucky Start(from lucky charm)(Comp. Scoundrel)
Darkstalker (Lord of Madness)
Hand Crossbow Focus (Drow of the Underdark)
Precise Shot
Crossbow Sniper (PHB2)
Savvy Rogue (Comp. Scoundrel)

Skill Tricks:
Twisted Charge
Acrobatic Back-stab
Collector of Stories

Smug (-2 on all Charisma checks)



+1 Mithral Chain Shirt(Worn)
Vest of Resistance +5(Worn)
Balanced Gloved of Dexterity +2(Worn)
Bag of Holding Type III
Corrosive Rapier(Worn, Left Hip)
Quicksilver Boots of Agile Leaping(Worn)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1(Worn)
Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis(Worn, Right Arm)
Ring of Protection +2(Worn)
Ring of the Darkhidden(Worn)
Wrist Blade(Worn, Left Arm)
Splitting Corrosive Hand Crossbow(Worn, Right Hip)
Adventure Pack(In Bag)
Climber’s Kit(In Bag)
Masterwork Thieve’s Tools(In Bag)
Rope, Silk, 50 ft.(In Bag)
Grappling Hook(In Bag)
Lucky Skeleton Keys(Worn)
Wand of Light Wounds(One worn, 8 more in bag)
Hat of Disguise(In Bag)
Tanglefoot Bag(In Bag)
4 Flash Pellets(In Bag)
2 Antitoxins(In Bag)
2 Potion of Neutralize Poison(In Bag)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds(In Bag)
Potion of Remove Blindness/Deafness(In Bag)
Potion of Remove Curse(In Bag)
Potion of Remove Disease(In Bag)
Shen’s Pearl(In Bag)
Sample of Glowy Fungus(In Bag)


The Gnome village of Glimmerwine was as welcoming as any other. When Aelith’s parents moved there to start their family, they were taken in immediately by the warmth of the established families. But the town, as any town would, always coupled their tenderness with caution— every hug followed by discreetly checking that their coin purse was undisturbed. Any town would take the presence of Whisper Gnomes seriously, and Glimmerwine was no different.

Unfortunately for a young Aelith, the children of Glimmerwine were as unencumbered by their parents’ forced pleasantries as any. Aelith’s slightly larger stature made him an easy target for groups of bullies. More than a few times Aelith came home from play with a fat lip or bloody nose, courtesy of the neighborhood kids. The only one to stick up for him was a smooth-talking runt of a gnome named Ku’Elsif, who got Aelith out of as much trouble as he could. Not helping the matter were Aelith’s parents, telling him that retaliation would only win him more ridicule. This helplessness ate away at Aelith for years, but as Gnome culture goes, so does the valuing of precious gems and items. As he aged, Aelith’s tormentors turned to shaming him in a different way. They flaunted their fine clothes and extravagant jewelry. Aelith, just beginning to develope his talents for subterfuge, saw his way to fight back. Soon, and all too often, the local temple to Garl Glittergold found themselves mysteriously in possession of pilfered goods.

Emptying the pockets and purses of his bullies was enough for him for a while, but as his skill progressed, he found himself growing bored with his surroundings. He soon set out for Aequora— but not before relieving one of his old enemies of a prized possession: an intricate, retractable wrist blade. His parents wished him well, but secretly feared for their son. They knew his talents, as theirs once had, drew him toward a life of thievery. Ever stoic, however, his parents let him go. Aelith was not alone, however, as his old friend Ku’Elsif joined him in his journey. Together, the two made their way to Aequora in the hope of making their way in the world.

When Aelith found himself trying to break in to the criminal underground, it wasn’t long before an organization called The Syndicate took notice. They decided to give him a mission of a particularly deadly nature: break into a wizard’s tower and steal an artifact. They neglected to convey how incredibly powerful this wizard was, however. This served The Syndicate well, since if he succeeded, they would add a skilled thief to their ranks as well as a valuable artifact— and if he failed, they had one less freelance rogue on their turf. Joining him in this task was Ku’Elsif.

The mission was going well; the artifact was secured, and they were on their way out. All of a sudden, however, the room erupted in fire. Spells showered down on the two, as well as alchemical and arcane objects throughout the room. The wizard seemed determined to destroy the thieves at all costs. It’s unclear what happened next, but somehow, perhaps by violent fracturing of magic items or by the mad wizard’s own intent, a flashing rift was torn in the very fabric of space. The portal drew in everything near it, and nearly consumed Aelith. He scrambled around a corner, but in the chaos lost sight of Sif. He turned back to see the wizard, Sif, and all manner of books and furniture sucked into the shimmering vortex. A split second later it erupted, knocking Aelith unconscious. He awoke some time later, as city workers and clerics were beginning to put out fires and reign in errant magical effects. He fled with the artifact still firmly strapped to his back.

The Syndicate was pleased with the outcome, if a bit concerned about its high-profile nature. Aelith was immediately admitted to the Syndicate’s headquarters and rewarded for his efforts. Aelith hardly noticed, however. Instead of working more jobs and moving up in the ranks, his first concern was availing himself of the generosity of the Syndicate bar owner Minion. Thinking his best friend dead, Aelith drown himself in alcohol. His work became sloppier, and he languished in the lower ranks when his talent should’ve taken him well beyond. This continued until one day when his old friend mysteriously reappeared in town. Ku’Elsif returned, but not entirely as his old self. He came back changed— more powerful. Glad to have his old friend back, Aelith snapped out of his stupor, and the two became a formidable duo.

Aelith Shorel

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