The Continent of Morkane

So Far

1. Drugar Stronghammer, evil cleric in league with Drow, is defeated and imprisoned.
2. Poor District renovation vote passes. Poor District begins to flourish. Shen appears, congratulates, and rewards the gang. He seems distracted, and points the gang to a small village that was the most recent to be destroyed by an incredibly big creature, and tasks them with investigating and stopping the occurrences. The gang becomes moderately famous in town as folk heroes, particularly in the poor district.
3. Kadtranach Episode. The Aequora Three track and defeat a city-sized lizard, piloted by Gnolls and an evil Hound Archon. Surrounding towns are saved. The Three release the creature from it’s planar bindings, thereby returning it to its home plane and infuriating a powerful mage-run trade commission that the gang doesn’t stick around long enough to find out much about.
4. The gang returns to Aequora to even greater renown. Now even the city aldermen, reluctant at first to embrace the heroic outlaws, champion the group. The group finds, however, that their meddling has brought scrutiny and attention to the poor district— a fact that their previous employers are not happy with. Minion is missing, and his bar is abandoned.
5. The gang infiltrates and subsequently fucks up the Aequora Syndicate. Minion is rescued and the town now regards the gang as official “consultants”, gifting them a captured estate.
6. Time passes as the gang waits to hear from Shen. A month later, he appears frazzled, weary, and distracted in front of their home. He makes up for the gang’s back-pay, and gives them all pearls that can be used to contact him. The gang and he are familiar with the Drow incursion taking place across the continent, but even he is at a loss as to how to stop it or why it’s happening. Shen suggests that the gang investigate a small nearby village that had been occupied by Drow. Shen promptly leaves when he runs out of answers for the gang’s questions.
7. The gang considers their options, and instead scours the area for a way into/out of the underdark. Finding one, they investigate it, and then head back to town to gather supplies.
8. During the course of their outfitting, a cold-fire elemental breaks loose into the streets and begins attacking the townspeople. Despite the pleas of the mages trailing in the creature’s wake, the gang kills it, thereby infuriating yet another powerful group of casters. Aelith doesn’t give a fuck. Not a single fuck.
9. The gang descends into the underdark, encountering Driders, and strange Drow. The encounters are not the most illuminating, save that they seem to hate each other, and that the Driders possess some kind of portaling ability. Diplomacy is attempted, but rebuffed. Intimidation has little effect. Weapons are begrudgingly employed.
10. A large skirmish between the two factions draws the attention of the team, who firmly entangle themselves in the fray, drawing the ire of all involved. The gang puts them all down.
11. After the fight the gang is witness to an attack on a drow refugee camp. Creatures unfamiliar though seemingly powerful destroy and kidnap many of the Drow with ease. The gang is bewildered, pausing for the night to weigh options.



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